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Tomato Seeds

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A hydroponics kit is not much use without any seeds and we supply several different seeds packed together at a superb price (click on the 'Type' button to see the choice). Normally, each packet of seeds would cost £1.50-£2.50 in a garden centre or superstore, so a set of 10 would cost at least £20 but we can offer them for less than half price.

Thinking about growing herbs? Why not try growing some fruit? Pick strawberries from your machine even in winter! These seeds can be planted at anytime of the year so you can ignore the instructions on the packet!

The Tomatoes are:

Tomato Matina, Yellow Cherry Tomato, Salad Tomato, Container Tomato, Tomato, Black Cherry Tomato, Beefsteak Tomato & Green Tomato.

These give you a fair chance of germinating many different seeds over a period of months and deciding what to do with the surplus. Some will not be suitable for the machine, like carrots or radishes, but these can be used elsewhere. Pruning instructions are all in the installation manual and in a few weeks you will be harvesting your first crop of many of the plants.

At the very beginning, we strongly recommend filling your machine to 80% (3.5L mark) whilst awaiting the first germination to avoid over-soaking the seeds. Once germination has happened, fill the machine to full with nutrient-rich water.