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A West Kent 21 Pod ‘Luxury’ Indoor Hydroponic Smart Garden

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West Kent’s ‘Luxury’ indoor hydroponic garden system is the world's first system to offer automatic watering and nutrient supply. With a water level sensor, the machine can detect when the water reservoir is low and automatically draw water from an external source whilst providing the perfect amount of nutrients. This ensures that your plants always have the right amount of water and nutrients that they need to thrive.

Whether you want a hands-on approach or prefer this herb garden planter system to do everything for you, we have you covered. Enjoy the flexibility of two different LED lighting modes with the blue light for growth or red light for blooming. With full control over your indoor garden, you can even customize the lights to meet the unique needs of your plants and ensure that they grow. You can plant any type of seed and cutting and enjoy seeing rapid plant growth, right in front of your eyes.

Featuring the largest water tank, most amount of pods, automated water and nutrient filler and adjustable lighting. Its handy App allows you to monitor water level, nutrient status, lighting, temperature, low water level alarm, automated and manual water filler for those longer vacations and complete peace of mind.

  • 21 pods
  • Automatic water filling from another water source
  • 9 level, adjustable LED full spectrum lights
  • 11.7cm touchpad LCD screen with dynamic display
  • A 7.5L water tank
  • Waterproof nano-coating on the lights to extend lifespan
  • Automatic nutrient feeder

Contents include: 21 baskets, sponges and grow domes, 15 cover plates, A & B nutrients, plug adapter and transparent pipe.  Please note:  the instructions mention using light blocking stickers in the set up steps.  The design of the unit changed after these were printed and these are not needed so not included.

Dimensions: 400mm x 260mm x 140mm and lights go to 55cm in height.

Self Watering
Grow 365 Days A Year
Companion App
Quick Startup Instructions
Warranty-Guaranteed LED lights
Adaptable Plug for EU & UK