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Behind West Kent

A warm welcome from me, Alastair Jessel, owner and chief grower. My story started in the second 'Lockdown' at Christmas 2020 when I was looking to sell something online. I discovered a number of companies selling indoor hydroponic kits but read all their 1-star reviews and felt that I could build a better machine.

The bulk of the problems lay in the LED lights having their circuitry located inside the water tank which, over time, got damaged through ingress of water. Many complaints revolved around poor service - hardly surprising when all the companies are located overseas.

Various other niggles were noted including avoiding expensive seed pods included with each kit, cover plates for empty pods and a water indicator. This rather long list was sent to a manufacturer to build a machine that resolved these problems.

I had planned to sell it through Amazon but I was so shocked at the appalling treatment that I received from them so I changed tack and felt determined to compete against this behemoth by launching my own website.

Fast forward to summer 2021 and the 7 pod kits were built and finally arrived at my warehouse in Tunbridge Wells, west Kent. My aim was to provide you with an inexpensive kit that successfully grows any type of seeds, time after time, and that allows you to grow in winter or summer, at up to 5 times the rate of a normal garden.

Our 15 pod machine has taken over a year to develop and is an astounding piece of kit that encourages ferocious growth in the plants through its 35W and 0.75m tall LED lights. This is a machine to thrash all competition on quality, price and growth and establish West Kent as a leader in the field of indoor hydroponics.

The 12 pod mimics our original 7 pod and deliberately does not have an internet connection so that those who find the whole App system confusing can enjoy a simple on/off button and herb/veg alternative.

The 21 pod is a most luxurious piece of kit and does everything for you. The new 5 pod is an amazing, dinky little machine that has only one button to press that does all features. It makes an inexpensive present and a great hydroponics starter kit for children and adults.

We operate in a sector with big, well-funded Chinese competitors who have deep pockets and big ambitions. Our advantage is a personal service and ultra-low overheads that allow our prices to be some of the lowest in the market for a quality brand. You can always buy cheaper but cheaper usually does not usually provide the quality and after-sales service of West Kent.

Please join our Facebook Group page 'West Kent Hydroponics' to take advantage of discount offers, growing advice and help, questions that get answered and direct and instant access to me.