Indoor Smart Garden

Grow Fruit, Veg, Chillies and Herbs Indoors, All Year Round

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Self Watering
Grow Indoors All Year Round
Speedy Growing

What Is A Smart Garden

It is an intelligent machine with a microchip inside that provides you with an alternative, fully automated, easier and faster way of growing a kitchen garden, germinating flower seeds or growing cuttings using LED lights and nutrient-rich water. You only need to switch it on and it will do the rest.

Whatever you want to grow, you will have instant access to the plants and an ability to watch their daily growth. We guarantee that you will absolutely love this product. 

A white indoor herb garden kit with light, a hydroponic growing system and a Smart Garden 7 pods. An indoor garden with LED lights

Your Kit Features

West Kent Indoor 7 pod hydroponic white Smart garden
  • Grow Anything

    Grow fruit, veg, chillies or herbs, all year round. In fact, grow absolutely anything from seed, including starting trees and shrubs.

  • Repot

    Easily repot, once your garden outgrows your kit, or when you want to transfer cuttings into their new home.

  • Full Spectrum Lights

    These powerful, 24W, full spectrum, LED lights, mimic the sun and encourage your garden to grow rapidly in winter or summer.

  • Water Indicator

    It comes with a water indicator to let you know when you need to refill your smart garden and also empty pod cover plates.