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Overhead 100W LED Grow Lights giving 600W of light

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High efficiency, full spectrum 100W LED grow lights to promote strong plant growth. Perfect for growing-on your taller herbs, fruit, trees, shrubs etc and has three times the brightness of our 15 and 21 pod Smart Gardens.

This 600W LED grow light consumes only 108 watts! More effective coverage area than any reflector series lights and is perfect for a 60cm x 60cm growing area at 60cm height

Double switch - Veg and Bloom buttons have different functions. 

The second switch in the down position is for getting the flowers to bloom. Otherwise the up position is the veg setting. Please see photo!


Advance cooling system ensuring high performance on heat dissipation.

Additional UV & IR light to promote the plant’s defence mechanism.

It comes with hooks and hanging lines.