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Plant Nutrient

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The West Kent starter kit comes with an A and B nutrient solution which you mix together into water it but will only last a few weeks. It is critical that you purchase more nutrient to ensure that your newly grown plants have the best chance to grow and blossom. 

Hydro Nutrition A + B, 1 litre of each, have been specially developed for use with hydro systems. It is a professional, bio-mineral nutrition and contains almost all the necessary nutrients for the entire growth and flowering stage of the plants. It will give you bigger and heavier yields and remain stable in the water tank.

This set will last you approximately 10-12 months and is excellent value compared to other brands. We suggest using 2ml of each to 1 litre of water.

We suggest that you decant the product into the A & B nutrient containers that come with the kit, once they are empty, to make it easier to dispense the small quantities required.