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Indoor Tent Growing Tray

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A newly designed and manufactured hydroponic tray for those looking to grow on from our hydroponic kits. This is to be added to a 3 or 4 unit tray system or can be used on its own..

The usual sized pods have been replaced by two large, 55mm sized sponges and a neoprene holder to wrap around the base of the plant to hold it upright in the case of smaller sponges being placed in the baskets.

  • A tray, circulation pump, 2 baskets & sponges, water level indicator & neoprene holder
  • The tray has a 3.5L water tank that provides water and nutrients for just 2 plants 
  • 7 trays will fit inside one of our tents

If transplanting smaller sponges with lots of roots, the base of the basket can be cut off and the roots pushed through. The large sponge can be cut into smaller pieces and placed around the sides of the basket and the neoprene will then hold the plant upright against the sides of the basket.

It is possible to start off large seeds in these big sponges, in a similar way to our smaller kits. A jam jar can be used as as a grow dome and the same Smart Garden pump and water indicator is used here with a water filler. Nutrients are added as if this were a Smart Garden.

Tray size: 358 x 193 x 85mm