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A West Kent 15 Pod Indoor Smart Garden Hydroponic Growing System - Black

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The West Kent 15 Pod indoor growing kit that beats all others - there is nothing like it elsewhere. Let the system take care of you with the companion app that will help you become a plant expert and provide you with real time updates, or give you remote control of your indoor garden wherever in the world you are.  

What makes this kit so unique is the ferocious speed of plant growth which you won't be able to experience elsewhere.

  • This system has a 5.5L water tank that provides enough growing space for your crop and an endless supply of nutrient-rich water to invigorate ferocious plant growth. 
  • The 35W full spectrum LED lights mimic the sunrays and coerce your plants to grow at twice the speed. 
  • With the worlds tallest lights at 0.75M give your plants the capacity to grow upright and double your yield. 

Use the customisable app settings that allow you to adjust your plants environment from downtime by hour or day and flexibility of the pump along with temperature indicator. 

Size of machine: 43 x 24.5 x 31.5cm and, when lights are fully extended, 95cm.

Contents: 15 x baskets, sponges and domes, A & B nutrients, 8 x cover plates, rods and plant labels.

If you need help with connecting your machine to the app here is the step-by-step guide.

Self Watering
Grow 365 Days A Year
Companion App
Quick Startup Instructions
Warranty-Guaranteed LED lights
Adaptable Plug for EU & UK