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A ‘West Kent’ 7 Pod Indoor Smart Garden Hydroponic Growing System

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The West Kent 7 pod indoor self-growing kit that comes with everything you need. Bring your greenhouse indoors with our biodomes and encounter the benefits of eating fresh food all year round, accompanied by the full spectrum LED lights that mimic sun rays with the inclusive self-watering feature, that will encourage your plants to grow continuously.

This Smart Garden is being retired to make way for the next generation kit and will be replaced by a 12 pod machine, hence the decision to drop the price and allow our customers to have an inexpensive ‘second’ machine to nurture ‘slower-growing plants’. Once gone, it will not be replaced.

  • This system has a 4L water tank that provides enough growing space for your crop and an endless supply of nutrient-rich water to invigorate rapid plant growth.
  • With 24W warranty-guaranteed detachable LED lights grow as tall as you want and get your plants to double or triple their yield.
  • The system comes with a water level post so you know when to refill your tank.

This indoor growing kit does all the work for you, with an automatic timer to give your plants the downtime they deserve and a pump that nourishes your crop with a constant flow of fresh water.  

Choose between 4 different seed packets of vegetables, tomatoes, fruit or herbs to get you started so that you can grow what you want, whenever you want. 

Size of machine (L) 39cm x (W) 18cm x (H) 20cm and 53cm when lights are fully extended.

Contents: 7 x sponges, baskets, rods and domes, A & B nutrients, 6 x cover plates. 

Self Watering
Grow 365 Days A Year
A Range Of Seeds
Quick Startup Instructions
Warranty-Guaranteed LED lights
Adaptable Plug for EU & UK